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And it was and is Andreev who leveraged Badoo completely so that Bumble could launch into the market with force. “This was more about his knowledge and infrastructure.”Bumble’s titular headquarters may be in Austin, Texas, but the infrastructure, the company’s engine, sits squarely in the London office, which hosts product development and engineering—and a raft of hair-raising allegations.“I don’t think I could have stomached a bunch of men judging me at that time. Wolfe Herd recently dictated a weekly work diary for the , which called the piece “Fighting Misogyny, One Bumble Brand at a Time.” But according to former Badoo employees, Bumble has a misogyny problem within its own parent company, and her founding partner, with whom she says she speaks between two and five times every day, is right in the middle of it. orn and raised in Moscow, Andrey Andreev recalls constantly tinkering with his physicist father’s electrical radio components.Andreev at first says board meetings for Worldwide Vision are held in Malta, where the corporate tax rate can be as low as 5%, then later says they were in Bermuda.His explanation: Malta is where the company develops intellectual property.“It’s a fairly common tax avoidance structure,” says Tommaso Faccio, a tax expert at the Independent Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Taxation, a think tank.

His first conversation, during the Cold War, was with someone in the U. “The guy [on the other line] said, ‘I’m from New York,’ and I could not believe it.

He wound up in Valencia, Spain, building and selling several startups including Virus, an online store that sold computers and computer accessories to Russian users of the nascent internet, and Spy Log, a software tool to track site visitors, for smallish sums.  Then in 2002, he created Begun, a company that helped advertisers target ads online, which caught the attention of Finam Holdings, a Russian investment firm.

“At the time, Andreev was not some sort of unknown youngster,” says Finam analyst Leonid Delitsin.

But Bumble is as much Andreev’s baby as Wolfe Herd’s, and she acknowledges him as her founding partner.

It was Andreev who reached out to Wolfe Herd shortly after the lawsuit, suggesting they collaborate.

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Those doors yield to a cavernous elevator, large enough to comfortably fit two black SUVs. “So you can just drive in from the street and avoid being seen, you see?

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