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If this friend is of the opposite sex and looks hot, that is.

In these days of sexual relationships and one night stands, friendships too seem to dig in for a stake of lust and carnal desires. A hug between two friends can lead to heavy petting and a drink can show you the direction to your friend’s bedroom, with a finale of lustful lovemaking.

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Oh yeah, I seem to have forgotten the ‘fact’ that friends are out of bounds. You know what, take that phony excuse and stick it up your rear end!

Seriously, who hasn’t met a friend who’s sexy and all that?If this is news to you, take those goody goody glasses off your face and take a good look at the pair gyrating in the club, and try keeping a count on the number of partners that are being swapped in a night, at least on the dance floor!Sex buddies have always existed over the years but until a few years ago, it was an immoral and hushed affair.[Read: How to accidentally kiss a friend] Why have sex with a friend?If your friend is charming or really good looking, what are the odds that you are not going to want to have sex with a friend?

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