Is zoosk a free dating site

Posted by / 27-Apr-2020 06:36

Over 70% of the users who have Zoosk have been able to use the application because they have connected it to their Facebook account.

They let you sign up for free so that you can check out all of the profiles that are on there.

has become one of the most popular dating websites and applications out there on the Internet.

Unlike most other online dating sites, Zoosk started off as a simple web application that was tied to

There is also another key factor, which is the formula and implementation of Zoosk’s ‘Behavioral Matchmaking’ engine that has been found to be very successful with its’ millions of users.

The Behavioral Matchmaking system is designed to help match like-minded Zoosk users together who demonstrate similar physical, emotional, other characteristics and who would seem to be a good match with each other based upon their many similar traits.

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Zoosk also has gained acclaim from websites like App Appeal and mainstream news media outlets like The Wall Street Journal.