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Your change in consciousness will also result in a change in their consciousness.Your merger of an alternate reality will cause a merger in their reality.He likely believed that nothing is real and experience is simply subjective, so there are no real consequences to a crime that took place in an alternate reality. I say he was, because he was taught to follow a path of neutralism and subjectivity, leading him to believe he could do no wrong, and he could become a character (The Joker) from a comic book/tv show/movie.It was reported that when he was arrested, plastic bags were put over his hands in order to preserve the gunpowder residue, and he used the bags as hand puppets.James was currently attending college at the University of Colorado, where on June 7th, he failed an important oral exam and purchased a rifle only hours later.Three days later, he withdrew from pursuing his Ph D in Neuroscience without explanation.

There were 12 victims killed and as many as 59 wounded in the brazen attack on movie goers.

Therefore this reality manipulation with consciousness would result in synchronicities occurring in the present or near future of our actual timeline, as it merges with an alternate one.

By changing the way you perceive the past, you will also change the way others perceive the past.

James, it appears, felt he could alter not only the reality in his own mind, but in the mind of others.

He mentioned "changing the past" in the video, and he implied (above) on a dating website that he may be sent to prison. ", a question that could be taken more than one way.

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Holmes had received a $171,024 training grant from the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Md., with $21,600 paid out in 12 monthly installments, including $26,000 for "personal expenses".