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Moreover, the American public accepts interracial intimacy as it never has before.

Others contained elements of both choice and coercion.In the controversy that ensued, no nationally prominent figures defended Bob Jones's policy.Public opinion not only forced Bush to distance himself from Bob Jones but also prompted the notoriously stubborn and reactionary administration of that institution to drop its ban.In 1960 there were about 51,000 black-white married couples in the United States; in 1970 there were 65,000, in 1980 there were 121,000, in 1990 there were 213,000, and by 1998 the number had reached 330,000.In other words, in the past four decades black-white marriages increased more than sixfold.

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But the disparity is real: it has to do not only with demographics but also with generations' worth of subjective judgments about marriageability, beauty, personality, comfort, compatibility, and prestige.