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Our Universes: Traditional Knowledge Shapes Our World focuses on Native cosmology and how annual ceremonies serve as a window to Native ancestral teachings.The practices and philosophies of eight different tribes are detailed, giving visitors a better sense of their history, and how each tribe’s teachings still affect the modern world.They hunted and fished for food, planted gardens and lived here and the names they gave, such as Patapsco, Wicomico and Chesapeake still mark our modern landscape.Artifacts they have left behind are clues that unlock the mystery of who they were, how they lived and worshiped, and the ways in which they were connected to the land.When you find yourself getting hungry, head to Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe (which translates to “Let’s eat!” in the language of Delaware and Piscataway Natives) for Native American-inspired fare, like its famous fry bread and corn totopos.

These details can help you have a deeper understanding of just how prevalent Native Americans were, and are, to the areas surrounding DC.Of course, the museum regularly features new exhibits, so check to see what’s on display before you go.The imagi NATIONS Activity Center is a fantastic interactive experience for families, as visitors can explore genius innovations made by Native tribes, from transportation solutions (snowshoes, skateboards) to tipi-building and basket-weaving.Then you can meet American Indians in person at sites on Maryland’s Chesapeake shores, where they have a continuous presence and living traditions.Throughout Maryland and the Chesapeake region, place names echo the voices of their first inhabitants – the indigenous peoples who walked in these mountains, paddled these rivers, settled on these shores.

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The land became part of an Indian reservation in 1704, which was taken back from the Indians in 1768.