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reported in December 2018 that the Marriott hack was the target of a co-ordinated attempt by Chinese intelligence-gathering operators.Date: November 2016Number of affected users: 412 million What happened: Over 412 million user accounts registered across the Friend Finder Network umbrella, including Adult Friend Finder, were compromised in October 2016.After purchasing the Starwood hotel group in 2016, Marriott identified the hackers had unauthorized access to the Starwood reservation database since 2014.The hacked data included names, addresses and passport numbers.Spread amorphously over various social media platforms, it’s too sleazy to go mainstream but too successful to stay in one place.

Yahoo disclosed that sensitive personal information - including names, telephone numbers, dates of birth and encrypted passwords - had been part of the breach.The site was compromised with a local file inclusion exploit, which means the website's code allowed access to files on the server that aren't supposed to be public.Nearly a million accounts have the password "123456". The non-plaintext passwords were easily cracked anyway, apparently due to some roll-your-own encryption that involved lowercasing everything, SHA1ing it and going back to bed.In October 2017, Yahoo’s parent company Verizon revised the estimate upwards, stating that all three billion user accounts had been affected, confirming it as the biggest data breach to date.Date: November 2018Number of affected users: 500 million What happened: Hotel chain Marriott announced in November 2018 its reservation system had been hacked, resulting in the potential exposure of personal data belonging to 500 million guests.

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