Adult friend finder dump

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Adult friend finder dump

The email schemes threaten to expose dirty, well-kept secrets to the mentioned contact list of the recipient, including employers.

The FBI then divulged that given the variations of email messages sent to scare victims into paying, multiple cybercriminals may be behind the said ongoing extortion campaigns.

Using this I can now message all of your friends and family members.” The bad news, according to the IC3, is that cyber extortionists quickly jumped on the wave of the disconcerting news of the massive data dumps claiming that names, phone numbers, addresses, credit card information and other personal details have befallen on their hands standing the chance of exposure to the recipient’s family, friends, and even social media contacts.

The good news, cleverly put by the scammers, comes after settling the ransom that ranges from 2 to 5 Bitcoins, or an amount equivalent to 250- 1,200 USD in exchange for continuous discretion of said ruinous information.

Notably, in all five instances, the source was able to send back corresponding passwords to the disclosed email addresses.

According to Leaked Source, over 427 million passwords can be found in the database but only 360 million email addresses involved.

In an experiment, Motherboard provided email addresses—three from the news site’s staff and two from friends who have had accounts on the social network—to Leaked Source to verify the authenticity of the said stolen credentials.

In a statement, the hacker noted that the compromised emails and passwords were part of the harvested data from an earlier breach that dates back to 2012—with figures then pegged only at 6.5 million encrypted passwords.

[Full story: The Resurfacing of Breached Data from the 2012 Linked In Hack] Paid hack search engine then marked the available troves of user credentials with a rate of 5 Bitcoins, or an amount totaling to around 2,200 USD.

The same hacker in question, Peace, claimed ownership to a vast database of My Space login details totaling to 360 million, which would essentially be one of the biggest password leaks known to date.

While the date when the breach took place has not been determined yet, it is a known fact that the stolen credentials may have been compromised and mined long before My Space has waned in its popularity.

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In a blog entry posted on Friday, May 27, the site noted that each record contains “an email address, a username, one password, and in some cases a second password.” In a statement dated May 31, My Space officials confirmed the said breach of information and divulged that, “Shortly before the Memorial Day weekend (late May 2016), we became aware that stolen Myspace user login data was being made available in an online hacker forum.

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