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Adult friend fiender

Her father passes the Spider-Woman investigation on to detective Frank Castle.

Suddenly the villain Vulture appears, secretly working for the Kingpin, and causes trouble for Gwen (Spider Ham appears for a short time as a hallucination because of an attack).

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To avoid getting shot, she reveals to her father that she is Spider-Woman.

Finding friends online can be easy, or it can be incredibly hard.

Upon hearing about this, Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin, one of New York's most prominent crime bosses, decides to ally himself with Spider-Gwen—for reasons unexplained—and has corrupt lawyer Matt Murdock (Daredevil on Earth-616, the main Marvel universe) send the assassin Aleksei Sytsevich to kill Captain Stacy.

Gwen arrives and saves her father, who corners her at gunpoint.

Gwen defeats Vulture and in the end he is put away, Murdock continuing to influence him from behind bars.

Frank Castle increases his efforts against Spider-Woman, becoming more and more ruthless.

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The volume concludes when Gwen decides to take a stand against Castle and not run any longer, blindsiding him as he unmasks her while trying to get away. He appears nights later in a green mechanical suit accompanied by an army of orange robots to kill Spider-Woman. Gwen reconciles with her father in the end and he quits his job. This and other reasons would see Spider-Gwen joining the list of comics that fueled fan outrage in the Comicsgate campaign against the '"All New, All Different" Marvel Campaign.

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