Adult best friend necklaces

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Adult best friend necklaces

About a week after determining our BFF status, we decided to cement our life long sisterhood with a trip to Claire’s at the local mall to buy “Best Friendsnecklaces. For three whole months, we rocked those necklaces everywhere we went: the lunchroom, the playground and the school bus (we were only 9; our options were limited). Apparently, I was no longer BFF material, so my half of the necklace was permanently relegated to the bottom of my jewelry box.

It's about time you return to your roots and bask in the beauty of matching accessories for the modern day duo (sadly, no Lisa Frank present).

Now, you and your best friend can spend summers lounging in taste.

Bando Forever Girl Gang Sweatshirt, , Bando If Saturday nights translate to TV, wine, and pajamas with your BFF, then consider nabbing this ultra comfy "Forever Girl Gang" sweatshirt for the pair of you. Nasty Gal x Petals and Peacocks Best Babes Tank Set, , Nasty Gal For the best friends who swear by the reblog button and are most likely guilty of spamming each other's inboxes with pop culture references, the chic "Best Babes" tank set makes for perfect attire.

The secret to modern BFF accessories is ultimately in the coolness factor.

Glittery picture frames with cringe-worthy quotes to boot ("Friendship isn't about whom you've known the longest. ") and lanyard bracelets (done in rainbow colors, of course) may have worked a decade ago, but now it is all about pledging loyalty in style and without the cliche undertones.

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ASOS Best Friends Moon & Star Necklaces, $13, Asos Meet the updated, grown up version of the friendship heart necklace.

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